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    A Dominican Sonnet is a poem of 14 lines, which has a fixed rhyming pattern, and it's six (6) syllabic. It also has a so-called "trimeter" (three foot line), and have solid definite "sound-structures". Below is a sample list of different styles of the Dominican Sonnets that I've carefully written for you:

    Healing Habit

    Star Of Wife

    The Expectation

    Lily Of My Valley

    Dreadfully Deadly

    Dear John's Bullet

    To My Truth-Be-Known

    Lusty Love


    My Death Dies Without Me

    My Sweatheart-Smile (20/11/10)

    Note that there're no hard-and-fast rules for writing this type of sonnet. *Happy "Sonneting"*


    The Boy's Family's Tale
    The Boy’s Tale
    Words of the Council
    The Council’s Tale
    The Knights’ Of The Church’s Tale
    The Archbishop’s Tale
    The Angel’s Tale





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    Priceless diva, viva Vivian!
    Loved with love: ezigbo Igbo nwanyi
    In love with love: omaricha nwa ji aku
    One with love: nwa sapuru ahu, aku anyi

    A faultless cheat of beauty
    Erotically wish unspoiled
    Impeccable voluptuous angel
    Femininity of flawless fun intact
    Limitless gratification pleasure
    Desire faultlessly on heat
    Bounty wallet of life
    Logged-in epic beauty fortune
    Faithful treasure sensual advent
    Grateful adoring money of the soul
    Lifetime-count charge of love
    January-to-December of plenteousness romance
    Blood alert smiles cheerfulness
    Alluring fever of emotion storms
    Sexy waves in succession her walks
    Eyes dancing over from her lips, hips yonder
    Real passions match for perfection
    Priceless diva, viva Vivian!



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    An excerpt from one of the Catholic Tales 22/02/2012

    How many devils does the woman have?
    As many as the man wants; even if he sleeps with a one-demon woman,
    He gets all her other demons.

    What if the man is evil?
    The woman's pride is bribed; a good man's bride deprived,
    The man she marries will live in the devil's error.