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1. Lies yet unborn lies dangerously where they live.
2. A husband of red milk should have a wife of white blood.
[A man of red milk should marry a woman of white blood]
3. You may pause on failure’s road but don’t stop anywhere on it.
4. Big win's dream is big loss's nightmare
5. I called you 'my friend’, remember to call me 'your friend'; to make it fair.
6. Magic looks good...but Miracle is better.
7. Any woman that can draw her thoughts, paint them with emotions, and express them, is a Queen
8. Only a fool would try to draw a rainbow with one ink
9. "When you're around me I'm lost," says the moon to the noon.
10. 'Worrying' is like asking: "What am I eating?" and "What is eating me?" both at the same time.
11. Silence is a state fools can't conquer.
12. Even in a class of geniuses, there exists the best and the worst.
13. "Nothing" is "Something" everybody could do at the same time.
14. Too much of something is not good...but not of a virtue or love.
15. Provide an extra time for a stammarer’s speech.
16. Those who believed have eyes.
Those who pray may have their eyes opened.
The Blind have their eyes closed.
But those who neither pray nor believed have no eyes.
17. The square root of every true religion is love.
18. It's good to integrate mercy over a closed surface of justice.
19. The inverse of a virtue is always a constant vice.
20. Calculations involving good judgements are not done in partial fractions.
21. Mr. Death is equal in magnitude with Mrs. Death.
22. If out of three positions, distraction stands in the middle, seek the first position
23. If words become hurricane, and you are an ear, ignorance could be considered a wise shield.
24. The last day which comes after all days is also the first day which comes before any other day.
25. The beauty of a king lies in how his kingdom works.
26. In the house of a lion and a sheep, the sheep is safe from the wolves not when the lion is hungry, but when the lion is protecting it.
27. Time is a demented necessity.
28. Spiritual healthiness certifies one for heaven, physical richness is no guarantee.
29. The essence of hope lies in its trial while the essence of suffering lies in its reward
30. Talk once, listen twice; what a wise device you are!

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