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Sound Of Love

O my lovebird,
How meek your voice is,
In warmth heard!
Wet kisses placed in trust upon your coloured name.
Your singing is a tasty twinkling passion;
A supermodel voice mildly streaming from love’s bin,
In conception splendidly talented,
Absconded from slandering stains,
An unhindered utility of blessed music,
One that heals with sounds divine.
Propagating listening molecules of care
O my lovebird,
How pleasant you make me canoe,
In your voice!

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1. Tragedy-plays are on the rise again. Join the global warming campaign to prevent greenhouse terrorists from entering our theatres. Protect our lovely environment from pollution-epic companies.

2. Due to the report on the discovery of the first poetic virus (at the World Of Poems website) by Prof. Literature, every poet is hereby adviced to get a copy of the humorous edition of the "Poetry Antivirus" for free now. Click here to Offload

3. According to some grave illiterate sources at the Poetry Rewards website. Poetry has decided to award names to poets during her Poems naming ceremony.

4. Poems sued Songs for allegedly borrowing some of its intellectual property language elements from its Birthday website without acknowledgment according to FaceAlbum social-networking site. Read The Full Incredible Tale

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Catholic Tales: The Boy's Tale, Words of the Council

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    A Dominican Sonnet is a poem of 14 lines, which has a fixed rhyming pattern, and it's six (6) syllabic. It also has a so-called "trimeter" (three foot line), and have solid definite "sound-structures". Below is a sample list of different styles of the Dominican Sonnets that I've carefully written for you:

    Healing Habit

    Star Of Wife

    The Expectation

    Lily Of My Valley

    Dreadfully Deadly

    Dear John's Bullet

    To My Truth-Be-Known

    Lusty Love


    My Death Dies Without Me

    My Sweatheart-Smile (20/11/10)

    Note that there're no hard-and-fast rules for writing this type of sonnet. *Happy "Sonneting"*



    The Boy's Family's Tale

    The Boy’s Tale

    Words of the Council

    The Council’s Tale

    The Knights’ Of The Church’s Tale

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    The Heartland

    I'm feeling different things in my heart, and I'm not feeling her anymore. It's like she's an association with my past...

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    An Epic Of Love

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