No. 1 was initially: Distraction never lives in the last house.

No. 9 was initially: Before you came it was "we wish you a merry christmas", after you left it was "we miss you a merry christmas".

No. 10 was originally: Blood is human, Water is spiritual, Oil is angelic.

No. 15 is similar to No. 26 of the previous page.

Nos. 10, 11 and 12 are from the same thought.


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1. Distraction is always in between. (24/06/2010) 
2. Fellowship and companionship are the best forms of relationship. (29/06/2010) 
3. To the enfant the headache is from malaria, to the man it is from mathematics.
4. As long as the owner is unknown, the money is either luck or loot.
5. Migrants suffer epidemic not meant for them.
6. Sin against the law tastes human; sin against nature tastes spiritual; sin against love tastes ungodly. (05/07/2010) 
7. Love is element: universal. ( Love is earth: where we live. Love is water: sustaining our lives. Love is air: free for everybody. Love is fire: burning in our hearts).
8.In another way he will come in another day; in another day he will come in another way. (23/06/2010) 
9. Before it is: we wish you...; after it was: we miss you... (23/06/2010) 
10. Blood is human. Water is angelic. (26/06/2010)
11. Water can do without blood, but blood can't live without water. (26/06/2010)
12. Oil is made. Blood is born. Water is natural. (26/06/2010)
13. Money is a management institute.
14. When a sign is the receipt of a sacred name, it becomes godly.
15. Many lives died, few lives lived. (02/06/2010) 
16. Avoid making the mistake of being a mistake.
17. Your love is the best home for your heart.
18. Only fools run rat races with the rats, and pray with the praying mantis.
19. If music is double, and one plays either poetry or prose, the other is definitely playing the remix.
20. If you break a heart while going in, you'll certainly break the same heart while going out.
21. A lie is a lie whether it was said to you or to somebody else.
22. If you break into a heart you are very bad. If you break (up) a heart you are a monster. If you break into and break up (someone's) heart you're really a Devil !
23. Love is due when sweet; sweeter if you knew it was new, and sweetest when it is true. (24/01/15)

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