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Silence Demystified

Silence is a state undefined
Silence prolongs the soul
Silence is an art of prayer
Silence is a master of concentration
Silence is a medicine of the mind
Silence is an eye of meditation
Silence is a sacred gem
Silence is a sacred art
Silence is a country for foolish questions
Silence makes an hour holy
Silence is the fundamental quality of a secret
Silence is the most important sound
Silence is a mental monastery
Silence is both a good and a bad answer to itself
Silence is a particular solution to uncertainty
Silence is the best practice session for sounds
Silence is a way of connecting to spiritual sources
Silence is food that heals where talks bleed

Heaven lives in silence
Hell has no silence
Reasoning in silence nourishes the mind
God’s silence is beyond all the greatest understanding of men
Natural death is a silence in nature
Days that party always avoids silence