No. 26 was originally: Many lived their lives and idied, few lived their lives and lived.

No. 30 was originally: A person can pause several times but only ends once.


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1. The part of the heart that has been omitted can't in relationship be committed.
2. Emotions felt can't be spelt.
3. The love that exists above the beds at nights is never a true love.
4. A movie doesn't end when the actor says "End"!
5. In every complexity there's always a simplicity.
6. Private questions when asked should be whispered in privately.
7. Better a heartbreak than a bachelor on a dying heart.
8. Love is a full limitation that has no limits. It limits you to others.
9. A mother makes a heart. Your murder takes your heart. A lover breaks a heart. Your bother aches your heart.
10. To fall in love is sweet mystery, and makes a heart as useful as water. To fall out of love is bitter misery, and makes a heart as hateful as acid.
11. Divorce is an accident in marriage.
12. A coma is a comma between life and death.
13. For men it is "work and women"; for poets it is "muses and moons".
14. To fall in love is natural, to jump into it is manmade.
15. A mistaken love doesn't understand why people fall in it.
16. The ability of one to either show or shide one's strengths, or show or hide one's weaknesses, is a function of one's intelligence or foolishness.
17. Never underestimate the power of idiots working in large groups.
18. An insane mind in the company of sane minds is always happy; while a sane mind in the company of insane minds is always saddened.
19. The best way to enjoy life is in love; the worst way to live your life is without love.
20. A friend begins when an enemy ends. (27/05/2010)
21. "Enemyship" begins where "Friendship" ends. (27/05/2010)
22. Beware of people that speak ill of others with you, because they might speak ill of you with others. (30/05/2010)
23. Better a faulty poetry than an insulting poetry. (30/05/2010)
24. Poetry is any writing that poets write. (31/05/2010)
25. Before the poverty season fortify your pockets. (02/06/2010) 
26. A sinner lives their life and die, but a saint lives their life and live. (02/06/2010) 
27. Salt is to earthworm as Petrol is to snake. (10/06/2010) 
28. Snakes don't live in fuel stations. (10/06/2010) 
29. Where "enjoyment" becomes a suffering, you better not enjoy. (13/06/2010) 
30. Life halts as it likes but stops once. (16/06/2010) 

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