The Fraud Merchants: is about the activities of fraudsters, popularly known as 419ers, on the internet.

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Fraud Merchants

Fraudsters and swindlers set to act
On dollars with set dolls
Ready to pounce on your chest of pounds

Certainly they want at all cost the money
Whether it is yours or not
Your hard-earned money or pension

A "hello...” and a required urgent reply
Cheque valid or cash needed or credit card's pin
Or the get-rich-overnight tips and tricks

Lies and deceit lie in their letters
Mails sent from unknown senders are theirs
With sweet monetary content on offer

Commit to one story and suffer from there
Trust them and regret not using the post office
The tools of the trade are better but bitter

A bid to transact or transfer funds
For you to lose your finance
And their success upon your fainting

Subtle and terrible tactics they employ
Their methodology varying everyday for the unsuspecting victims
Beware of these gold chameleons