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Against Our Corrupt Government

A squashing pencil against you leaders –
If so the law may approve: I lawfully would.
By strident thoughts invent my non-political pledge.
Thus this self-propelling attack,
Will help in ditching your personalities into void.

On expediency you have rated us –
Classified yourselves as first-class: and that's dumb.
Though in fourth seat, I, your citizen sat.
My voice from herein speaks,
Since I no more decently sleep.

Hoped the lamentation engraved; to you its sanity gives –
Situation you created and liked: a mockery.
You are at ease pleased with our trauma faced.
Masses encapsulated in pains.
Plenty sufferings on populace enchanted.

By same bread you daily ate we bled –
Dividends in death-trap promises: bragging bags.
Deafened by your loud no laudable reforms.
You preached you know what's good for us,
With empty-heads wearing corrupt wigs?

Your family dine with luxury –
Ours are stolen at night: disappeared,
To graves and prisons.
You cook and eat; we cry in want.
On our toils you dance and merry then spit.

You, pack of useless officials undeserved –
Stinging political bees with no control: or tolerance.
Mosquitoes with full blood tanks.
Let me reiterate it : read the other upsetting verse,
For already I know your secret silly logics of politics.

Nonchalant brutality you decreed upon us –
Violently squeezed us and our peaceful labour protests: you roasted roosters!
No justice, no equity, no fairness and no whiff of true trials.
No fundamental amenities, no basic needs.
Nothing agenda, propaganda scandal, pretentious scoundrels!

'Twas not defamation since you put on no reputation –
I won't deface you: I don't have boiling atoms yet.
The urge to completely criticize your elect, and
To utterly cripple your corners I’ve suppressed; truly good for you.
But be informed about your form: you are deformed!

Many fingers continue to point at you –
Fingers fabricating weapons: pointing you out.
Several you cannot read.
Those written before you are beyond you.
Especially those from scriptures you dare not wipe.

My fingers my triggers –
Stretcher off my words: you might.
And you shall so fall, you will see; and
Your dishonest uncorrelated government
Will pay the price on your posterity and self.

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