This poem is about the United States of ... "Africa". Go figure! Please use positive humour and imagination.

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State Of The States

As this year sips its leap on February’s heap
While on my whys of wary army I rely, I deny not thy eye
State of the states, on slates as of late
A lot of buts have got ungodly butts and guts
A unifying State dividing untying states
Let not my aim forget, or get the same maim of regret, set
On this ale, the sail of this tale
Bend it not and tend to it until its end attends

Thieves of native initiatives
International mentor, rector or traitors’ inventor
On their war horses and whore ores
Violent bats waking up where war is at
Like parrots rioting patriots, in carrot-looking chariots
With blood-stained policies, faeces hypothesis, ticks in politics
Mothers of orders of first degree murder
Under each suicide sun, seasons of treasons, sections of full prisons



Same human as is in militia mitosis, marriage crisis
Led on same bed to wed
Fair trades in nuclear fare raids
Evergreen plants, the warrants of temperature arrant fuels
Ignorance bonds on vagabond assurance
States of sin, poison and arson
Dreaded fingerprints, human lives stared, red-carded and discarded
Their legalized courthouse lizards criminalized the civilized, standardized their enemies

Innocent cities killed by odd lords in cold recent blood  
Hungry hints on undertakers’ prints, clints of dints
Ill anvils forming devils, evils
Notes that promote bloodbath connoted votes
Laws of flaws, outlaws in-law
Science without conscience, violence dines, indolence mines
Epileptic estates of diabetic economics, heretic ethics
A United States stated as wanted