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Copyright © Okpara C. Okechukwu D. All Rights Reserved.


The Stormy Schools Of Restless Nature

The skies are making great noises
Speaking a language as if chatting with huge dinosaurs
Experimenting on large sounds yelling
Roaring, shouting – hoarsely whistling

Electricity tampering the weather
Arguing with the atmosphere
Jumping from a cloud to another – journeying haphazardly
In blue or white ropes across Europe’s ‘skyscape’ robes
Showcasing troublous disturbing lights
Deadly fireworks

Water descending in thousands of similar pieces
Bent, straight – tattered curves
Then forming pools drunk-driving
Transporting rocks, flying debris
Unlucky animals swayed – away killed
Happily swinging unhappy things
Roads wretched – creating new ones
Erecting deep rough gullies
Traversing, bypassing – trespassing on its work

And the earth started shivering
Of cold and of shock
Wading with its tectonic plates across seismic maps
Causing ash and furnace to erupt
Felling flora, frying fauna with fluid fire
A new contractor boiling solid road
Towards the water housing lake


At the other edge of the map
Where the compass is frozen
The ice started navigating in herds
To warmer homes where they could sleep soundly – again as water
And be yearned for by the thirsty earth
(Where restless winds cry and sojourn)
Deserted deserts, arid lands praying to infertile clouds

A storm school of water, of earth, of fire, of air
Sandstorms and landslides, floods and avalanches,
Infernos, strong winds – all causes of
And courses in this restless school.