Obudu Trip: is about an excursion to Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross Rivers State, Nigeria. I think it was in 2009.

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The Obudu Trip

Before The (Obudu) Trip

No moon no rain
Sharing in progress
Multiple hands in same chore
Pressure on available resources
I sat for our departure to come
One look at the girls another on their rice
For a little to lighten my heart
That meal you are packaging is too small
And could be mine, reconsider it.
Packaging competition? Seems not.
Familiar and unfamiliar faces and clothes
Decisions being made and updated
Anytime elapsed, a new duty created
A suggestion, allowed to waste
Tough work from weak to able hands
Functions urge to hasten, be quicken

During The (Obudu) Trip

Into the heart of the mountains
Driving consciously into their souls
The very places to savour are in there
Tourists we shall be
The mountains really looked like cups
Into the privilege entrance we sank


Delay In The (Obudu) Trip

Lateness cause results to besieged lodge
Stranded before destined reach
Change in plans, emergency measure begged
Alternate accommodation not appropriately addressed
God’s grace, saviour’s saving help present
The priest responsibility was heard
All later were safe, normal again

After The (Obudu) Trip

Prayers prayed and thanked
Journey’s safe with God
No critical accidents, incidents
Peace onto us
Trip well made