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Written while listening to BBC World Have Your Say programme about China's influence in Africa.
China's Spy In Africa

I heard BBC's radio debate on China's invasion of Africa.
They stressed Africa's need of a manager warning.
Africa have your say, BBC pleaded to know:
China, African’s eastern colonial masters?
The International Community looking on;
At this seductive continental train,
With a beautiful influential investment book,
Which has been short-circuiting western trade systems.
China's missionaries could preach;
By spreading their booming contagious contact.

Table your strengths, China or the U's;
Africa wants to vote whom to marry.
Economic and political support, a challenge for her groom-to-be.
She dreads the sores of negative beauty and exploitations.
Her widely opened mouth is a market,
That may sell more trouble than aid.
She has a skirt of economic marginalization threads.
She needs a worthy long-term partner for her blessed bed.
That is why she kept her bridal price high;
And made scarce her reserves for this new hunter's eyes

Africa's groom must not wear:
A necktie of poor human rights records,
An enterprise shoe that strangulates local firms,
An imported pair of unhealthy made goods.

North, I need your energy resources,
East, I need your human resources,
West, I need your natural resources,
South, I need your mineral resources.
China came with the NEWS:
And appeared like a spy.

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