Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?: is a popular Nigerian T.V. game show.

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

The quickest arrangement in alphabetical order,
Or a successful phone dial,
Brings your haste to the show.
You shall be seated on a hot seat;
Of virtually uncertain fortune,
Made with luck's materials;
On fifteen slippery stairs of questions.

Tell us about yourself.
Here are the rules.
Fifty-fifty, phone a friend, ask the audience,
Are your one time helpers.
Be careful they can help you fail;
If they are not sure of themselves,
Lock their suggestions away.

First five overtook easily.
Next five consumed the helpers.
Head thinking, body sweating, clock ticking.
A query hijacked half a million,
Blocking the rest of the route.
Confronted by a tough decision,
At an inconvenient game point.

An outlook on your fate.
Place commercials here.
The Host plays a little with the greedy guilt in you;
His questions, capable of scaring off your bravery.
"I am sorry you have proposed the wrong answer."
Who else wants to be a millionaire?