This is a sonnet sequence. It is as a result of three poems sacrificed as one. The 3 poems that were forged into 1 are Heaven's Storm (2016), original version of The Angel's Tale (from The Catholic Tales, 2010), and Judge of Poetry (2010).

I love this poem...I don't know why. Perhaps the new month expectations (fever)?

"Judgment" can be written as "Judgement".

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Judgment Of Poetry
(a.k.a. Heaven's Storm)

Heaven’s storm, words of God’s word come
Maelstrom eyes in the sky, as heaven is stormed by
Deity verse creature of the universe in parallel pairs rehearsed
Magic, myth seats, ethics in strategic alliance heats
The already dead, the living dead, and our deed dread

Instant lights from distant artist nights, mutant stars
Energy psalm on elegy’s palms, alms
Situated situations at holocaust junctions, costly functions
Cultured on awards tortured on poetic swords, rewards
On a resin basin of raisin poesy seasoned
Eternity to death, utility in reversed-timed mobility
Graceful exit embrace of art aces, and their remembrance race
Dearth of earth’s last lost breaths of
Sour cherishment poured crushed upon clock’s churlish rush hour




Who is the greatest? His, is the first and the last, He is
Victory in the territory of poetry obituary
The attention to and latest solution, salvation
Of poetasters’ ether theatres, heather weathers, quill feathers, better
Flairs flared in airs’ hairs

Since poetic license princes in their rinsed palaces
And their ounce of gods once among us
With coked brains, evoked in rain-stained
Genial faces in places of trials, traces of denial, burial
Threaded in red, shredded in six feet, faded
Windows, pillows of shallow halos mellowing
Solid, rigid and frigid
Dirge almond diamond-bonds
Lamenting self-dodging vent of judgment

A contributed tribute to poets’ attributes
Thunders under God’s order, put asunder Pulitzer Prize blunders
He forgave, gave the grave their brave saves
Genius prefectures pinned beneath perfect infinite Uranus limits
Lawless Dominus adjudged humans’ flawless

Holy coffin miradors of poetry’s story and glory
Where Vulcan can’t forgive – failed, Nathan can give – hailed
Righteous, passions of chaos nevertheless, yes SOSs
Names in shame flamed; fame framed games
From violence-woven lace of this self-grievance violet poet
Swift drifting on its undertaker widowmaker
Where this Lent judgment has scored vehemently
An own goal madness, reckless darkest fondness
Deflowered its unity virgin, losing its virginity