I made some changes to the original version of this poem here. On the paper manuscript you'll notice these changes.

This poem is more of a pun. Serial killer!?

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Words At War With Mr. Me

Serial 1

I thought I was skilful with 'words'.

Using 'them' skilfully
But words disagreed
They said the case is the reverse
Skilful with me they thought

I didn't invent them, they invented 'me'.

They proved I didn't 'invent' them, no doubt
But that they invented me, I doubted
Their shapes not my creation, 'twas true
But that they made mine, not truly fair




Serial 2

I protested and took up 'arms'.

Let me reform 'A' my set of words again
They laughed, you should also
As for what I implied already
‘A’ apparently took action. I appeared amputated

From a little helping 'dictionary'.

But 'D' shut its door
I couldn't peep nor dare
So I let it drop
‘D’ danced decisively and drew its danger dagger

With a stuttering lip I proposed a 'war'.

They sent 'W' which worked wonders
This wandering wizard knew how to win well
When the welcomed war came, I felt worried and went wrong
‘W’ walked like a whispering wave where I'm forsworn

They moved me down, moulded and made me a Mr. 'Messed’ up.