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Copyright © Okpara C. Okechukwu D. All Rights Reserved.


The Unpublished Fame

Verse I
Beneath my mental table they were written
Bearing ignoble intentions of matters I knew not to arise
First paragraphs unclearly undefined in built
Portraits of undeclared creative threats?
Or forced thinking war in poetic jottings?
Each thought engraved beneath its corresponding owner line
Innocently written, but might guiltily talk
The sense manufactured were beyond reason
To be unsure to trust its staring meanings
A tease to buy by belief, accepted
And capable of polishing the hope of its very existence
Its worth is its importance
And reason for its being, creation
Powered on the surface of few manuscripts paper I made


Verse II
Words not to be planted in any speech
Looking innocent, literarily constructed
Genetically modified in creative thought home
All of them I’ll burn
All that from me might have been written
In good faith and knowledge

So beautiful there patterns is sure
Unluckily in ugly lost
Styles to ashes transform

Once great, been gone later occurred
In multiple burn and never existed myth to ensue
From words to books
Enticed in the splash and spark
Of my mind’s mighty little faithful pencil