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Copyright © Okpara C. Okechukwu D. All Rights Reserved.


An Honourable Heart - A Memorable Memoir


1   In Africa in a society rural
   I lived normally royal
   The community treated me I believed poorly
   I reigned inside a place that ruled me oddly
   But my home was my servant in service

6   My neighbourhood brought me no peers
   And left me to fashion my lifestyles
   My brightness is in brilliance
   My brilliance was in silence
   Hence I learnt a life of versatility

11   The university I scaled in science
   Of my own volition, in clear aim and conscience
   To me my undeveloped environment became an encumbrance
   Till now hurts the remembrance
   That my education was not in a better game

16   Obviously in my hobbies I was an oddity
   That metamorphosed always into a scarce commodity
   For instance I could my behaviour draw
   Refining my arts from their verifiable raw
   Either by perception or by instinct

21   A friend did cast me in his rapturous prediction
   And ranked me with his intuition
   Among the heroes he ever had
   But his theories dismissed I had
   Because my time then had not come

26   I interpreted loneliness often
   When time refuses to hasten
   At times I only walk a little per day
   And let my time journey the rest each day
   A secluded life I’ve led

31  Born I was in the 26th of March
   At 26 years yet to find the opposite sex of my match
   And 26 is my memorable number
   And with it my life I hereby remember
   I will not despair for I’m not desperate

36   Much of my doing were alone done
   My inspiration in silence is fun
   My family is one and me another
   Yet within them I stayed in order
   With my values-technology and super-normal norms

41   This is me a friend realistic
   Considered sometimes a person idealistic
   I’m a human like the others
   Just a person lacking his others
   Truly, birds of a feather flock together

46   There’re many things that are de rigueur in my environment
   A lot of them are subjected to immoral government
   To them, nothing is wrong with doing sins
   And they performed several in persons

50   In ways of ungodly living that they said governed them



1 Climbing is a necessity in a lizard’s culture
   And mushrooms know how not to rupture
   With a life of values sacred
   What can I do with my heart naked?
   For gentle I'm like a simple dove

6   I did science and I know it well
   I have curious knowledge and I use it well
   Interacting with others I do prefer
   But within me interactions differ
   And to those that to me referred I’m grateful

11   I kept no friends longer than they should stay
   Those that lasted saw how I never stray
   I made choices in my friendships
   And encounter chaste problems in my relationships
   Whenever I let them thwart my love

16   In love, better becomes a life flawed
   A disaster great is a love-life flawed
   Life is sometimes the one you lived for
   And not the one you hoped for
   And hold back your revenge on those responsible

21   I never claimed that I haven’t sinned
   Nor did I say my life wasn’t stained
   I loved to live angelic
   And keep for people an honourable relic

25   In this life or another we’ll all see