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Copyright © Okpara C. Okechukwu D. All Rights Reserved.


A Moment Of War

Verse One

I saw my entrance into it
Gaols within gaols I ran in anywhere world
I noticed a twin of twins repeating their movement
Taken to another of the same place
Beside me two beings led me
In chains I consulted my mind
Which told me to give them rest, I did

Moment Verse One

I felt the coming of an iodized war
The flooded line of battle drawn
Candles lit shall be shaken by boiling winds
Their lights will be weakly seen
As rising hostile temperatures
Predict the coming of unworthy waste of births



Verse Two

Someone I perceived dark but mighty appeared
Before me and in front of a way
I got across him but don't know how
Before us a great gate opened
Unleashing descending chariots of heavenly army
A voice, mine I believed did three shouts
Of one word "Armageddon"

Moment Verse Two

Red-fluid candlelight flames
And the flesh of this battle barefaced
Unmerited souls for sacrifice
On the ice-blooded background
Of death catalysed destruction
Alas, I departed the dream