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You have wings dipped in the lakes of indecency;
And lakes life sometimes forbids.

From constant pleasure of your false being,
You propagate your shameful acts and actions.

You have grown legal wits that laugh at moral laws;
Wits that convicted your conscience of folly.

Some of those with you have already bought the dreaded and worthless clock;
That reminds them that their days are numbered.

Your doings feel no shame at dark;
Yet the heavens have being generous with its mercies.

A day will come when you will try to calm your flirting flesh and libido;
But will not get the drink of relief or happiness.

That attitude have turned water to sour milk many times;
And the innocent to an untimely death.

Be wise, implore the powers of reasoning;
Be undisturbed by the cries of its enemies.

Fornication robs one of one’s happy times of dignity;
And send one’s thoughts to places where human senses suffer loss.

Defile not your neighbour;
So that the fury you will never know might spare you.

Starve your lust and give it no hope;
And that of another show no home nor welcome.

Roads of immoral sexual acts are plays;
That happen in real life and often end in tragedies.

Keep steadfast to your faith;
To what justifies your life and your part.

Remember to pray, that God may bless your thoughtful part;
And prove you right in all.

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