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Copyright © Okpara C. Okechukwu D. All Rights Reserved.


Return Of The Lost

Who can remember me or my great deeds? None –
I was an honourable government child. Till
The army fried the civilians, and took away the peace, my freedom. Then
I was at teen sentenced, banished, sealed in exile. For years –
Musty they made my rights while I gasped for survival elsewhere. Oh
What have they done to my good name?

What will you do when your land is turned against you? Your Home –
Remembers neither your help nor your name. And
Calls your face an alien. Alas
Your old voice painted dumb in lost memories. Kept you mute –
Where your words are not your own. Gee
What will you do when your fame has lost its name?

Where’s everybody I had known? My friends –
I used to have a family here. No
Sign of their lives. The rumours must have killed them. Alive
Or dead I wish to be back to where I used to be. Help me –
To a mutant history in foreign space I’d arrived. From the past
An artificial image of a yesterday, aren’t I?