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Stage Fright Stung

Then he prepared to talk
Opening his mouth I hated
Letting go his statements I felt sick
Wishing I could just erase those sentences
Before his unregistering speech relaxes
On my unwanted speaking

I rose but stood like a tree
In a posture like a photography scene
Words have forsaken me
I could not utter an alphabet
My fury quickly getting to me
Its civil understanding bewildered

With an ugly shame I sat back
Considering the disgust consequence
A memory loss had helped
By not knowing which story played
My centre impact their concentration
My humility humiliated in turn

Some tense laughter I heard ashamed
The environment against me
Hysterical comments on me
Looks like I had gone mad, crazy, and both
I could not withstand the more mock
A stay that worried me

I was not able to make a speech and 'twas so
Get me a toilet, my next business is there
My tummy's brake failed, the stage nauseates me
Out of control I fell
The embarrassment that I can’t recognize
I'm done at least at last

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