Anu m na varanda parlour elu dee nke a

(Eeh, eji m Igbo dee ya, o gbasara gi?)

Mana ha arukasiala ulo ebe niile ugbu a.

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An Evening At My Balcony

Every minute between people passed
Up at my balcony watching them moving
Looking down at them observing their patterns
Faces pleasant or unpleased
Different looks not same dressed
Distant tones and voices
Talking in pairs or in groups or peers
Buildings still in evening displayed
Sparsely spaced at strategic points
Encroaching urban joints
Sounds in faint airy tunes
Local landscape serene breeze
In variety vegetation, plants and weeds
Fields and grass in low-esteem blend
Farms, forests and bush, close and near
Greens and yellow with their lights and darks in colour
And further up into the sky scenario’s curtain
Birds of definite designs parading unorganized
The white mixed blue and gray evening coloured sky
A nearly full blown moon veiled
Back down again I took my look
But now on my paper writing it all down