This poem might have influenced me unconsciously to write "The Nun's Virginity's Rape" later on 09/03/2016

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Her Virginity

Verse I
Boring and worry she was
Men all over her were
Temptation that puts the body in dark
And sinks the heart in misery deep
Were all too many to her offered
Seductions and lures
Swift tactical deceitful stances
On her were experimented
Yet she stood her ground in solid control
Knowing that one careless slip, step
Astray, would put her out
And her virginity, vain and void make

Verse II
To church for sanctity she ran
Refuge in solidarity strong
Even there the devil’s devoted admiration grew
And closer with hardworking evil collaborators
Together with their other destructive agents they prowl
Multiplying traps and wrong choices for her
Trying to get her consent
Offering to help her crash
And her virginity, vain and void will be



Verse III
They hated how pure she was
How naturally chaste she seemed angered them
Her beauty though quite good they envied ruggedly
So they devised and planned
To test her in perfect evil and her downfall bring
Even in God’s blessed place they gathered
And concealed an attack of strong sexual might
A rape and ravishing of the order of a despicable sort
They sought to her impose and render completely
And her virginity, vain and void trespassed

Verse IV
In the name of the one that loved her the most
Her virginity like a holy temple was saved
Preciously protected and preserved
Her prayers went not unheard
Her virginity got not sold
How it happened I cannot narrate
And her virginity, nun remained