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Twin Confused States

Mystery and music matched in mental might
Tones and keys aligned in certain cherished combos
Act and sorrow used in staged play of planned meet
Weird and willed together in harmony in off-beat sung
Whilst remembering those twisted dual pieces
Reverence in continual mutual distort
Of no specific thought in pattern or reasoning
A bad benefit of the doubt

Having errors proclaimed in great worth
Like grains and ants in multitude mix

Medicinal words spread on dilemma oath
For frying troubled pounce of mental muscle pairs at once
Day and night freezing memories of their reached rich wishes
Unsaved again in trade, not counting, account lost;
Their plans planted in unascertained double vain
They returned looking worn and zonked out
Cloaks of words in nowhere exile wore
One on the others identical door then crossed

Can you have your cake and eat it?
Or fly like a bird and still lick your fingers?

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