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A Talk In Drunkenness

Filthy words and odour from same mouth
Through drunkard tongue - confused tunnel travelled
Drunk was his tongue also
Eyes dull amidst - between - pink and red
Sweaty cheeks on sleepy face
Stamina far from steady
Hoarse voice, flickering speeches, shivering hands

From first chapter to the fifth to the fourth - to and fro
From fiction novel to kindergarten tales
To out dated news - turning to drama
Diving from the stars to a gutter - a hero
Jumping from it into a lake
Then realizing 'twas a pond

Experimenting on his shameless annoying drunkenness
And spate of uncoordinated words
Tailored in completely complicated simplicity
Smells like a sickening stench - of undiluted alcohols
From his intoxicated - insanity - head
Chaotic contingent of irrational stories
Useless combination of unprocessed ideas
Under no sensible influence nor with diagnosis

My listening set ablaze
His displeasing complacency fatigues me
Never could he notice how offended he cooked me into
He's talking as if I am a recording - understanding - machine
The more annoyed I looked the more encouraged he gets
I let my vexation relax in my apparent equanimity

But he seems not to have a gear
A clear definition of where to end
"We'd continue tomorrow," I said; upset and left
And he continued without me
In his journey with his drunk talk

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