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Copyright © Okpara C. Okechukwu D. All Rights Reserved.


From The Book Of Pure Romance

First Section (At First Sight):

I see visions of us by day
And dream of us by night
What you do to me is miraculous
You make my blood sweeter
You the butterfly swimming in the lakes of my heart
The best fruit in the orchard of my love
Oil that makes my overdosed life easier
The breeze lifting me into finest joy
The fire that set my desires free
Burning off the fears that hold my marriage
The whitening that purifies me
You are adorable
Accept me as I am





Second Section (The Other Love):

Let your heart accept my control
Send a thousand drops of your tongue to my breasts
Containing no aborted feelings
Allow that solemn sensual candle to fan your desire of me
Make me your policy this night and milk my whole body
Embracing this created season of moments
Whose pleasing atmosphere is replenishing us
Leap into the fragrant spices on the cushion between my legs
On my rhythm, rhyming yourself
Suck my fruits till the oil is yield
Conjugating my gender organs
Please release yourself
Like a procreation dam
Supplying current to my sensual nerves
Release your strongest feelings into me
Into my yearning love market
Depositing yourself in my hole
Giving my pleading legs wings
Of diamonds in my mortal flesh
Whistling on my lovemaking sketches
Caressing the romantic vineyards that made me yours