This Shakespearan/English Sonnet is dedicated to a special girl born on November.


Especially, to a lovely girl whose birthday is in November.

Juliana, you know you're #1 !

(Of course, my youngest sister, Julie, celebrates her birthday in November)



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| 22/05/2010 |

Sweet November Girl

An uncharted girl I’ll explore by choice:
And I shall sketch her in writing rejoice.
Beauty gem born in honey November,
Imbued with maiden charm to remember.
Created in the test-tube of love she was:
Her music rhyming her heart’s youthful wars.
Love music and wisdom in her eyes lit;
Her reasons are full blown judges in wit.
Supple lass amidst macho posturing:
Swift in policies of life’s modeling.
Dancing in oceans of pristine success;
A devotion only few stars possess.
November’s romantic lab’s so sweet girl:
Sweet November girl, sweet November girl.