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Love Hates Lies

You knew all these, and bothered not to tell me.
The truth was with you, but you hid it from me.
By this act you deem me a stranger.
My love for you have departed from me.
My love frozen like best ice,
Because you lied to me.
Why did you choose to hurt me this way?
This hate of yours has caused unrest in me.
Even the moon looks sad because of you.
What type of love is yours?
Certain not the one that made us one
I'll give you a second time and chance, my lady.
I will brighten my face once more for you.
But I'm tired of your lies.
They crack my bones, and darken our roses.
These lies you tell without scruple boils my blood.
Makes your kisses a waste to me.

Because love and lies don’t flock together.
I love you, but hate you when you're lying,
Hatred is always a liar.

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