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Touch Of Romance

Her voice greeted the apartment,
Her greetings in morning's cloak,
Gently knocking on the sleepy door.

She'd moved in yesterday,
He'd returned very late,
It takes two to make a neighbour.

Overslept he had,
Suspending the damaged non-finishing dream,
He leapt and crept.

Her knocking changed to tapping as if she knew someone’s coming,
He noticed, moving with extreme caution,
Several inches away stopped the tapping.

Eagerly suspicious, he dashed opening the door,
Just as she's about to leave,
"Hey hi" and "Oh hello" exchanged.

If only you were there,
You'd have felt the force of such intense passionate field,
Of an apparent loss of wanted speech.

He's a writer,
She's a model,
Both freelancers.

How do you do,
Nice to meet you,
A handshake which electricity followed.

You knocked on my...,
I was just wondering if you...,
Two uncompleted experimental statements.

Laws of attraction crystal defined,
Purely greatly demonstrated,
By this unsuspecting couple.

Their body charging their sphere,
Every instant preciously felt,
That beautiful touch required.

Nothing matters now,
As long as those eyes contact alone,
With that magical glue between.

Both silent with longing,
Both filled with longing,
A longing for that touch.

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