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As Love Goes To War

Part I
He took up his shield of faith
With a shaky and not-so-sure hand
Fighting the thought that dreads what is to come
He knelt and prayed as if he loved to plea
O Majestic Lord! How powerful you are
That you send my poor soul to battle
The fiercest of war in the toughest of fields
Which never have being conquered
Nor defeated for once except by you
Bless my hopeful strength and its tiny courage
He said 'Amen' knowing too well that it meant nothing more than luck
He lit a blessed candle at the corner of a crucifix to scare the night
Wishing the candle light his life to bear
He stood and looked down on his right
Suddenly a glimmer of light shone on his face
A light that danced out of his sword of endurance
With which he is to assault the pregnant war
Closer he went near it gaining more confidence
He equipped himself as the ants prepare for the rainy seasons
And looked up to the picture of his patriot saint on the wall and kissed it
This is a habit he always do since he found his name's meaning
A name that means "Lord". This lord is either of life or of love; he thought
And realized how he needed to respect both

Part II
Strange was his faith, the law is here to witness
While his fellow men merry and marry, he kept to his faith and fate
His morals are the rule of his law
The law only true love could interpret and interpose
When the hour came, unlike his fellows, he was ready to die for his cause
Like the ancient gladiators they mumbled to the hour: we who are about to die, greets you!
These words shook all hearts which are not his
“Most heart belonged not to those it has being given”, the hour judged
Alas! The cowards' insight is indeed a disease for his thoughts
Then came one like a priest with a mirror
"Look into the mirror," and you would see your destiny, this person claimed
Some looked and found nothing, not even their image
Some saw things they could not describe
When he looked his reflection was me!

Part III
As we approach the city gates, we saw Shakespeare's work hung on a wooden bar
'Death is a necessary end, it will come when it will come'
A soldier read it, lost his breath, and gave up the ghost before our eyes
Then we set out to the lady war
We reached the angry place which has been hungrily waiting for blood
From afar we could see a beautiful scene of army
Amidst them stands a young princess
We stopped and waited for the command to charge against them
She moved towards us with four knights behind her
And spoke softly and calmly
But none of us heard her voice well
Each of the knights was holding a flag with a word
These words together formed "E.V.O.L"
My companions seem not to understand it
Then concluded it was an EVIL trap
The wind helped and carried her words to east so I followed it
I listened again and heard her last words: respect and peace for us both.
Then I turned sharply from the right and saw the word "LOVE"
But I was stunned that my fellows have already charged

Part IV
It seems our enemy neither offered war nor fled
With the greatest speed I could gather I rode towards the princess
These knights of love were the only people guarding and guiding her away from this evil
The princess saw me approaching in my humble honour and charm
Then she uttered, "I bless your heart to keep my soul"
The knights did not resist me
On reaching her, I could not bear the feeling I saw in her eyes
I stated my aim to be with and protect her
My goodness recognized her grateful heart
Then I turned to the field: this was not a war!
For her people were disappearing towards heaven
And there came the real enemy from the nooks and crannies of the map
I saw the four nights turned into angels
The princess told me she was real
The war would not have come if they have not attacked with hatred and misunderstanding, she said
Despair bought the heart of those in the field
And I was seized with fear when I saw the ferocious army
Driving mightily with unmerciful swords

Part V
At that instant the sun was weary
Waiting patiently for us to declare our purpose beneath it
The princess read my mind and took my hand
This surprised me and sent waves below my skin
She smiled and said: we are in this together
She meant something else and I knew
We are at the very spot the angels are, in LOVE
To stay alive we had to unite and fight side by side, the angels decreed
They looked at her and said we brought you here to help him
"Help his decent life", they chorused and equipped her
Suddenly they were no longer to be found

Part VI
Now she knew what this war would be
I thought for awhile, admiring her joyful youth
Then I thanked heaven for her absence would had implied my failure somehow
Our mind made up, we entered the field of life
Hand in hand to live
Every instant of our swords and shields revealed tough trials
She is noble, she is immortal, she is truly love
For the world, the EVIL within was shaken
And I was left living in her luck

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