Rose ! Rose ! Rose !

I Love You

(nothing personal)


I Love You Rose

First Verse I:

It began on a day of an uninspiring occasion.
The fourth day after my grandpa's death.
Having chased from their homes at night
The dumb rains returned sadly in the morning.
Looking as if they haven't slept all season.
It were these restless rains that gave birth to my chance;
The chance of my seeing Rose.

The day was for a fair competition, which went fierce.
And prompted my invitation to sigh;
And my decision to go home to grow.
So I went before the scholars were through.
I was also hungry, I hadn't eaten in the morning;
Nor the night that woke before it.
Well that poor I was.
But I managed as I usually might.
That was the challenge I dared accept;
One that brought my chance.

I was still on a familiar five kilometre road;
When some unhappy rains announced their return.
I didn't understand what they're saying
Until some flogged winds raced pass me;
With the changing sky along them.
But I was too weak to care
Having drunk in hunger.
I needed not an added task.

Soon after I realized,
That the sky was carrying a pool of water.
Yea I forgot the road hadn't built trees or shelters.
My starving smiles were the first to panic;
Then my indecisive legs followed.
All of a sudden my senses became mobile;
I've got a long track to miserably trek.
With this angry rain staring down at me unmercifully.
As though I was a lonely timid mouse,
In a bucket to be filled up.

An unmerciful threat that threatened.
But refused to occur.

First Verse II:

But someone had been calling me for long.
Given up at my no response.
Then followed me and my deaf mind,
Wanting to be sure it was me.
Unknown to me she had also stopped;
When I stopped and gaped at the sky.
Though she was unsure of my doing,
She was sure of my standing.
All these were happening in the absence of my mind;
Hardly did I know she'd been there.

By tough luck and tough thought,
I happened to rest my fright a moment.
Then heard my name being called.
This stunned my self-concept;
And almost immediately I started querying the sky.
Not by words but by thoughts.
I was really ready to run;
At a velocity Einstein would've been gladden to calculate,
Marvelling at its relative energy.
But my problem wasn't to run,
Instead where to perform it.

Having noted my confusion,
She called my name again in careful calm.
With a sudden quench I turned.

Second Verse I:

She'd spotted me out among the guests;
That'd attended her birthday sometime ago.
My nature had intrigued her greatly,
My character, supremacy she'd never seen.
But I disappeared from the scenes.
Ever since then she'd kept me in her heart preciously,
In a writing of kind observation.

She'd also been searching for me.
Indeed, never found any sign of me.
Her only clue was her keen love,
Whom I still owed much debt.

By chance I appeared at the competition venue,
Whose invitation I meekly honoured.
A trace of hope that she later embraced.

Second Verse II:

Among the scholars she was,
With those winning perhaps.
Yea I remember vividly,
She was the person I've been staring at all day.
Thinking, trying to recall where I've met such fair face;
A lovely one.

She was the most fluent, eloquent of those in victory
Her charisma had kept me sanguine;
Oh that was what I was watching.
I've been admiring her and not the debate.
Eureka! Now I knew why the crowd looked towards my seat;
When she couldn't speak, looking in my direction.
My trance eyes hadn't let hers think.

I'm sorry, had I known,
I wouldn't have stared that long which made you faint.

Third Verse:

I decided to go home.
Not because of food;
But of my threshold desire for her.

She'd been calling me for long and I hadn't answered her.
Not because of my deaf mind;
But of the heavy emotion I'd for her.

She'd spotted me out.
Not because of my personality;
But of her love at first sight.

I love you too,
I love you too, Rose.

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