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Relativity In Love

By the romantic compass
Love came to pass
Two destinies enthroned in one place
Of the same time and space
Sprouting emotional lights
Under the wishes of two loving hearts

The moon was brightly awake and real
And the night bore the root of a love affair serial
Stars watching in devote rays and twinkling nods
Over the two souls heavy as sober feeling rods
The kind night issued them a clear weather clearance
So that the graceful pair can stick in continuum assurance

Complete opposites of charge
Mutually eternal in constant recharge
Designed for two in a passionate race
Sailing affectionately into unending embrace
A union created in duality
Fated in love’s perfect relativity

At the two ends of the loving spot
The two were in love’s sport
Beautiful were their kisses
Crushing the hate of crowded and lonely hisses
Rocking in their romance shuttle
The duo stayed in relative couple

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