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My Dreams Are Made Of You

My dreams are made of you
Laughing amazingly blazing
Brightly joyous, lovely you
This moment is emotionally blissful
With you ‘tis perfectly immortal
Kissing you, a dream come true
Holding pretty you gently as gentle as possible
The scene itself was a beauty: just me and beautiful you
Together in lively love

Destiny belongs to our moment alone
In a moment where everything is steady, only us moving, touching
Life has made us stronger in love belief

My dreams are made of you
Singing hilariously dancing
Happily gorgeous, brightly new
You look queenly graceful
With you my heavenly mortal
Loving you, a stay in blue
Holding pretty you delicately as delicately as possible
My heart itself was full: filled and full of you
Pure is our fallen in love:

Good prayers cheering us
Like two precious jewels we slept unaware of anything else
Wishing ourselves to keep our vows eternal

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