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Lost In Love

Verse I
Self-controlled siege weapons I've developed.
In peace, joy and righteousness;
But her presence was devastatingly unbearable.
So I let myself fall;
In love with her.
For a good reason too;
Love into love.

Through the emotions,
Pouring out from my heart,
Was where she, her attack she launched.
An essence of pristine existence:
We saw and were moved,
In love.

Verse II
She marvelled when her eyes
Saw my glimpse - an unexpected ghost;
Stood like an indecisive primrose
Amidst cool breeze of how I loved her.

I stepped closer to her looks.
A bit nearby her feet - impulsively moving
Towards each other by automatic magnet.

Invisibly guessed sparks,
On lips connected by seemingly unending kiss:
Frozen lips lasting in ample touch.

Quick were the next scenes.
The part normally unnoticed - we had, felt,
While searching for the lost parts.
Kept kissing.

Verse III
I realized the struggle she was drowning in.
One at the floor of her heart,
In the deepest sense.
A locked up loan of love,
Eating up every feeling vessel therein.

How am I suppose to starve
These emotions between us
Without them romancing us
When I am at the edge of breaking down?

I need you - food of my love:
Feed me with your natural heritage;
Of your lovely loving mechanics,
Designed for you and me.

Verse IV
Our inability to manipulate
The consequences of our feelings
For each other grew greatly strong
Overpowering the control panel
Of our self-control.

We knew where we were:
On the romantic moon of planet love;
Hopefully alone in utopian love.

Stars brighter than the day,
Distant music with her serene tunes,
Just for two of us.
We ended up singing,
Our hearts' harp playing.

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